Why Rare Fiber?


by Grace O'Sullivan

The Consulting Industrial Complex needs to be disrupted. While these monoliths have endless treasuries and deep pools of talent, what I believe they lack in is creativity, and more importantly… soul.

On the other hand, there are design & innovation firms for whom I have the utmost respect. They’re hallowed halls are teeming with creativity, sterling principles and heart to spare - but whose work can hang on the walls of any gallery, yet are challenging to execute. 

That’s where Rare Fiber fills a gap. Rather than a staff comprised of newly minted MBAs, our associates are my most trusted colleagues and some of the brightest minds in their respective fields. Some are C-Suite, others are Ivy, ALL ARE CREATIVES with loads of real world experience. Rare Fiber is founded on the belief that if you bring talented people together, magic will happen.

Consulting as I see it is broken because out of rigor and relevance framework, most firms miss the mark on one or the other. When you add in the elements of speed and design, more fall. 

All projects must be viewed through an interdisciplinary lens and we hope you’ll see that that’s true to the fabric of Rare Fiber when you see our highly matrixed talent and projects. We design and implement beautiful solutions.

So, welcome! We invite you to take a look around. Make yourself at home. Give us a shot --- or not. But do remember to have fun and please say hello!

My best,
Grace O’Sullivan
Founder & CEO, Rare Fiber