Karey Mackin



Karey Mackin is an invisible.

After two decades in traditional and online publishing, there are only a few projects attached to her name. She is a ghostwriter specializing in books, popular blog series, well-received speeches, and social outpourings for others. As her daughter describes it, "My mum makes other people sound better than they are."

Her invisibility, while a wonderful superpower, makes it difficult to list her credentials. She can tell us three of her books are still in print going on 15 years, and her most recent project holidayed on The New York Times best seller list. Karey's best trick is adopting her clients' vocabularies, perfecting their content, and then turning up their volumes.

Ghostwriting has been the perfect career to carry-on her family's diplomatic postings. From Oman to Jordan and Indonesia, Karey craves steamy weather, unusual restaurant menus, and useful foreign words. Like raksasa, which means giant in Indonesian. Currently freezing in Chicago, you'll find her sweating it out in every Bikram class she can schedule.