Christine Van Duyn



Christine has a truly unique talent of being able to boil ideas down to their simplest form. After graduating from SCAD with a BFA in photography, she left the south for Chicago, where she worked for a custom photo printing lab. Two years later, photography had gone almost entirely digital and Christine had gone almost entirely graphic design. With a love of type and negative space she created everything from ad campaigns to wedding invitations.

After several years in the fashion and paper industry, she opened her own studio and brick and mortar shop in California designing paper goods and corporate identities for clients around the world. She went back to school for an MFA in Interior Architecture & Design from The George Washington University and with a focus on prototyping and studying materials. Her days are now filled with challenges that combine her decades worth of graphics experience with her love of creating in the hospitality design industry.
Living without cheeseburgers, dogs and yoga would be her demise.